Sight for Life!

Sight for Life!

Prevent.     Preserve.      Improve.

Our Vision Care Services

Advanced technology combined with skill and experience assures you and your family of the best possible sight for life.  Here are just a few of our vision care services:

doctor examining young patient

Comprehensive vision care starts with general eye examinations. The doctors at Southland Eye are skilled in diagnosing and treating all vision disorders and eye health issues, such as diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and more.

Our office has thousands of frames, every custom lens, coating, tint, or custom component you can imagine, all under one roof! Our opticians will help you select the exact frame and lens combination to suit your needs! Don’t forget safety eyewear or unique designs for your workplace!

Every eye is different, and our doctors fit all types of contact lenses. Astigmatism, bifocal, cosmetic tinted, and even custom-painted lenses are fit by our doctors. We also routinely fit rigid gas permeable and scleral contact lenses for high astigmatism, keratoconus, and irregular corneas.

baby or toddler wearing sunglasses looking to the sky

Did you know your child should have their eyes examined before age one? We carefully evaluate your child for common problems that parents might not see: crossed eye, lazy eye, near or far-sightedness, and eye health. Catch problems early! Schedule a pediatric eye exam at our Olympia Fields office today!

dry eye graphic

Over 40 million Americans suffer from various forms of dry eyes. Trust our doctors to help you identify the source of your problem and advise you on how best to treat it! Our Olympia Fields-based doctors will diagnose and offer the optimum treatment options.

Glaucoma is the silent thief. In most cases no pain or discomfort. Trust our doctors to identify if you have glaucoma, as well as proper management of glaucoma. Early detection of glaucoma is essential! Our Doctors both diagnose and treat glaucoma in our Olympia Fields office.

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