Your FSA for Vision Care Needs

Your FSA can be used to purchase prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, and contact lenses year-round.

If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), don’t wait until the last week of December to take care of you or your family’s vision needs.
Appointments during this time can be very difficult to schedule because many people forget about these benefits and try to squeeze in exams and visits during the last weeks of the year! Get started by understanding your FSA, then go ahead and schedule that exam.

Depending on your employer’s coverage period, your remaining vision insurance benefits may be expiring on December 31st! FSA, or Flexible Spending Account, is an account created by your employer that allows you to set aside money, on a pre-tax basis, for certain healthcare and dependent care expenses. So, for instance, if you decide to put away $2,500 (the maximum allowable amount), that is $2,500 of your hard earned cash that is not subject to taxes. FSA allowances are typically available at the start of your coverage period, usually January 1st and ending one calendar year later on December 31st.

Your vision-related FSA eligible expenses include eye exams, contact lenses, reading glasses, and prescription eyeglasses (including prescription sunglasses and sports goggles). How do you go about using these FSA dollars? If you were given an FSA debit card by your employer, you can just use that card as you would any credit card upon checkout. If you do not have an FSA debit card, you will have to make the purchase and request reimbursement from your employer.

How can you take advantage of your FSA?

  • Re-stock on contact lenses,
  • OTC items that qualify (vitamins/supplements, allergy-related medications, etc),
  • Last minute medical needs for yourself,
  • Schedule an eye exam, &
  • Prescription eyeglasses.
  • Don’t Wait Until the Last Day of the Year


So don’t wait until the end of the year. Schedule your eye exam anytime in the year, prior to your FSA’s deadline to take advantage of this great benefit.