baby or toddler wearing sunglasses looking to the sky

Examining Your Child’s Eyes

Did you know your child should have an eye examination before age one? We’ll eliminate common problems parents might not see: crossed eyes, lazy eyes, near or far-sightedness, and eye health.

As a parent, you want the best for your child. That’s why ensuring your child’s eyes are healthy and developing correctly is essential. Regular pediatric eye exams with an optometrist are crucial in optimizing your child’s vision.

At Southland Eye, we specialize in providing comprehensive pediatric eye exams for children of all ages. Our doctors are experienced in working with children and will ensure that the exam is a positive and comfortable experience for your child.

During the exam, our doctors will evaluate your child’s visual acuity, eye alignment, eye movement, and eye health. We use age-appropriate tests and techniques to ensure accurate results. For infants and toddlers who cannot yet read letters or symbols, we use specialized tests that rely on the child’s responses to lights or patterns.

Our doctors will also confirm that your child’s eyes work together effectively. This part of the evaluation will assess whether your child’s eyes have optimal depth perception, tracking, and visual processing.

About Eye Drops

Our doctors evaluate children’s eyes using eye drops (cycloplegia). This assures a precise determination of the prescription of each eye. These drops also dilate the pupils allowing the doctor to evaluate the inside of the eye thoroughly.

If any issues are identified during the exam, the doctor will provide you with recommendations for treatment or management. This may include prescribing glasses, contact lenses, vision therapy, or refer your child to a specialist if necessary.

Regular pediatric eye exams are essential in identifying and managing potential vision problems early on, which can significantly impact your child’s overall development and success.

Schedule a pediatric eye exam with us today and ensure your child’s eyes are healthy and developing correctly.